Well, no, this grade seems to be the Qing Dynasty, which is obviously not the Qing Dynasty, but the time she has never heard of. If the purpose of her crossing is to go to the palace, then how can she live with the barren knowledge of the harem? Cao Wanqiao wanted to cry without tears in his heart, but in the face of Dow, he still pretended to be relaxed. Now that they all told Tao and his wife that she was going to the talent show, the whole family gathered together in the evening, and Tao said this. Cao Daniel, a big man with muscles all over his body, suddenly shed two lines of tears, which startled the whole family. I, I can't see my family in the future, how to do. Cao Daniel sniffed and sobbed. The three younger brothers and Cao Xiaobao saw that their father was crying and could not understand the whole thing, so they began to cry, and the whole room burst into tears. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Tao took a veil and wiped it on Cao Daniel's face. Then he repeated what Cao Wanqiao had said to her. Cao Daniel stopped crying and burped and asked, "Can you come back if you lose the election?"? Ture Holding Cao Xiaobao in his arms,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Cao Wanqiao hid the uneasiness in his heart and said with ease, "That's right. I think the fourth girl of the third uncle's family has grown up coddled. She is a great beauty. She is afraid that she will be chosen. But I am short and my face is so round. How can the emperor like me?" Cao Daniel disagreed and said with a straight face, "I think my daughter is very good-looking. Her face is as big as a palm. What's wrong with a round face?"? Doesn't that mean you're lucky? A pair of eyes are also very round, very black. When I was a child, I went out with Qiaoqiao in my arms. Who doesn't say that it looks like a doll in a New Year picture? If the emperor had a good eye, he would take a fancy to my daughter! Dow gave him a white look. Fool, do you still want the emperor to choose your daughter? "Daniel Cao shut up and slapped himself." "Oh,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, of course I don't like the best. Come back home!" The matter has come to this point, the whole family is a consensus, the original Cao Daniel melancholy for a few days, is to worry about the amount of dowry opened by the old couple Tao, since the daughter does not want to marry, it is not necessary to consider. The next day he went to talk to Uncle Eight about it. Uncle Eight thought Daniel Cao was going to refuse again. When he said yes, he was overjoyed. He patted him on the shoulder and said, "I said, this is a good thing!"! Now that we have decided, we should prepare to go to Beijing as soon as possible, so as not to delay the date of the draft. Cao Daniel looked hesitant. So soon? I want to keep Jojo at home for a little longer. The eighth uncle was impatient, but the Cao family finally agreed. He was afraid that things would change again, so he had to count the days and promised to let Cao Wanqiao stay in Pinghan City until the last minute. After living comfortably in the Cao family for a year, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Cao Wanqiao had a lot of reluctance. When he went to the capital, he did not know how the road ahead would be. It seemed that he had returned to the days when he had just crossed, and he was in a state of anxiety every day. Ever since she decided to go to Beijing, Dow slept with her daughter almost every night. Lying in bed this day, Dow murmured, "I thought you were much more sensible recently. It must be because you have grown up. But I suddenly hoped that you would be as self-willed as you used to be. Children should rely on their parents, but now you are carrying them all." If Cao Wanqiao had heard this before, she would have been afraid of being exposed. But anyway, if she wanted to leave home, she didn't know if she could come back. She said, "My daughter has really grown up. I used to think that my eighth uncle was too bad. He always asked me to be a concubine. He blamed my parents for refusing to refuse directly for me. He was foolish enough to want to die.". But after the illness a year ago, the daughter understood that her parents also had their own difficulties. If the eighth uncle cut off his father's supply, how could the family live? In the past, the marriage of those who were concubines was not good. At least I have a pretty good idea of it. Let's see what happens after I enter the palace. In fact, what she said was what she thought before she hanged herself for the last time. She had complained about her parents in her heart. How she hoped to marry a well-off family with a gentle and honest husband, but the reality hit her repeatedly. It was also the marriage of the second wife of the county master that finally made the original body understand a lot of things, how difficult it was to find her ideal family with her own conditions, and how unwise it was to offend the eighth uncle, but the original body really could not bear to be a concubine, so it quietly voted. Since it is for Cao Wanqiao, she can not be ruthless to die, can only rely on living. Should be eight uncle this time, in exchange for a stable life of the Cao family, and Cao Wanqiao himself, and see where fate takes her. Sleeping and talking with Dow for many nights, Cao Wanqiao thought it was wonderful. Her mother passed away early in her previous life. She didn't understand what the mother-daughter relationship was. It could be seen that Dow was reluctant to part with her daughter. She was really moved in her heart. She had a mother who was soft on the outside and firm on the inside. At least she tasted the maternal love she had never had in her previous life. But the good days did not last long. Before the deadline given by the eighth uncle, someone came to Beijing. It was a long follower of the third uncle, named Lin Li. He was tall and strong, with prominent cheekbones and a pair of pupils like snake eyes. He looked at people silently and did not speak, which made people panic. The eighth uncle took him to Cao's house. Only Cao Daniel and Tao received him. Lin Li took out a bundle and said to Cao Daniel, "My master said that thirty taels will be given to your family first. On the day when the five girls leave, the younger one will give another seventy taels." Cao Daniel still couldn't hear it, but Tao was unhappy. The thirty taels were like a deposit. They didn't let their daughter go to the talent show for one hundred taels of silver. But the third uncle in the capital was an official, so she didn't dare to offend him. She said, "I heard that the county magistrate wants to buy a lot of things for his daughter's talent show. It's just that the thirty taels of silver can buy some clothes and jewelry for Qiaoqiao.." "My master has prepared some things in Beijing. You two don't have to worry. But the original date of departure is a little late. It needs to be a few days earlier. My master is afraid that the long journey will hinder him, so he specially ordered the younger one to escort the five girls to Beijing." This Lin Li a five girls, the genealogy has not been changed, said as if Cao Wanqiao has become his family's adopted daughter, Cao Daniel face and melancholy, Tao Shi is to hear the overtones, is the third uncle in Beijing also afraid of Cao Wanqiao ran away? Have to make people watch all the way? Really do not blame Dow to think, this Lin Li mouth respectful, but the attitude is very tough,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, can not be refuted, the eyes are hidden sense of superiority, annoying.


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