Feng Wanru grabbed her heart and gasped for breath, as if she was going to use the rest of her life's strength. As she gasped, she coughed up blood, and suddenly she laughed again. Mother, why? The man stepped forward. "Now, aren't you doing well?" "Good.." You're fine, you're fine. The gasping woman looked up suddenly, her eyes full of evil spirits. "Then you tell me!"! My son, what's wrong with him?! Does he deserve to die?! "The son doesn't know what the mother said." "Ha ha." I don't know. You don't know. I don't know, Feng Wanru shook her head, feeling that this life is coming to an end, but even so, she still can't put it down. Calm down for a long time, she slowly stood up, slowly, slowly to Fu Weiran thought she could no longer stand up. But after all, she regained her figure. Feng Wanru raised her hand and wiped away the blood from her lips. "Where is he?" "Who?" "I want to see him." Feng Wanru did not look at him. "He is very ill. He doesn't like the world after all. I want to see him." Fu Weiran pursed his lips for a moment and then said, "Mother, go back first." "He must be very cold. I want to see him." "Somebody!" As soon as the order was given,smartboards for business, someone came in. Fu Weiran said in a loud voice, "Madam is seriously ill and is not suitable to stay outside. Send her back to rest and take good care of her." "Yes!" I'm not going back! I want to see him! I just want to see him! "Mother will go back to rest today and talk about it another day." "Where is Weiyi?"? Where's my daughter?! Feng Wanru suddenly turned her head and looked around, "Where did Weiyi go?"! Did you hide her, too?! "Mother was ill and confused, and my sister went with her to the hunting ground. Did Mother forget?" "Wei Yi.." Weiyi is going to get married, isn't she?! You're sending her away, aren't you?! Fu Weiran felt a little irritable and was no longer willing to talk to her. With a wave of his hand,interactive panels for education, the man below came up and took the nearly crazy woman in front of him down. He went all the way out and could still hear her heart-rending cry. Come out The voice was cold and cold. I thought you didn't know. The thin man appeared at the pillar and looked at it with folded arms. "The woman seems to be crazy." "What are you doing here?" "Oh, me, I just want to come over and see what the five princes promised and when they can fulfill it." "Yan Xing, I remember I told you that Daxing has nothing to do with you. You just do your part as a proton." "That's natural. I'm just curious." Yan Xing in red, Daxing few people will be so colored, looks like a wild ghost in this dark night. Fu Weiran did not want to say much to him and turned to go in. The man was left alone in the courtyard. After a while, Yan Xing stretched out his hand and looked at the full moon from a distance. It seemed that the glittering light was the object in his hand. His tone was dense and interesting: "Interesting." Chapter 73 frivolous. Feng was escorted by Fu Weiran back to Liuxie Pavilion, but it was quiet all the way. After they sent her into the house, she turned around and asked, "Have you seen my son?" Several people looked at each other, and then said, "Madam, rest quickly. I'll wait outside." With a squeak, 75 smart board ,86 smart board, the door was closed, and not even a trace of moonlight leaked in. Feng Wanru stood behind the door for a long time before she slowly went in. Chundai had already lit the lamp and heard the sound coming out of the inner room. Only these days, Feng had never said a word to her again, nor had she been told to go. It seems that she doesn't care about her coming and going. Only today, the down-and-out woman in front of her walked straight toward her, step by step, I do not know when the already thin fingers straight against her: "You, have you seen my son?" Chun Dai's heart fell and looked at her suspiciously. Originally, she felt that her wife was a little strange after that night, but at this time she was a little sure. Seeing that no one responded, Feng looked a little anxious. He suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Chun Dai: "Tell me!"! Tell me! Didn't you tell me that when the young master grows up, what he likes will eventually change? Didn't you tell me that the young master always has my mother in his heart?! Uh? Didn't you say that?! Madam, madam! Madam, calm down. Chundai tried to hold her with her backhand, but the man in front of her was so mad that his hands seemed to be iron tongs, and she was not allowed to struggle at all. I'm calm. Am I not calm enough? Look, I didn't even tell you to get out. Feng looked at her with a smile. Chundai finally reached her hand, only to find that her hands were covered with solidified blood. She suddenly looked up and said, "What's wrong with you, madam?" Feng, however, apparently did not want to answer her, but stumbled and pushed her up to the bed. And then bang, never got up again. Somebody! Somebody! Madame fainted! Somebody! The curtain was suddenly opened, and the light of the fire came in. The man stood respectfully in the doorway: "The emperor has an order. Please talk to General Han in detail." Fu Weishi moved, and the man beside him got up, but he did not act according to his words. Instead, he still led her. The man bowed again: "Your Majesty also said that he had wronged Mrs. Han, and asked Mrs. Han to go back to rest first." In this way, Han Xuanzhang finally loosened up and turned back to tidy up her robe. His voice was steady and forceful: "You're tired. Go back and wait for me." Fu Wei nodded and saw him take the lead in going out. Then he told him, "Be careful and pay attention to your safety!" The man turned around, the bonfire reflected in his face, raised his hand and waved to her. Standing on the side of several people carrying spears and halberds, I do not know intentionally or unintentionally, have looked over. Hurry up Fu Weishi don't go too far, hurriedly out of the tent to leave, Han Xuanzhang fixed watching, laughing out loud. The messenger on the side was embarrassed to urge him. Really is-but it seems sticky, clearly she did not mean that, really want him to suppress the refugees when careful, Fu Weishi kicked the gravel at his feet, this can be good, let others see a joke to go,interactive whiteboard for schools, I do not know if it will be spread out, as if the Han family how frivolous in general. So annoyed, he saw a figure on the side of the flash: "Who?!" 。


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