Wiping away the tears oozing from the corner of her eyes with an excited smile, Xiao Fei asked with a little amusement, "Do you really think a five-year-old child knows so much?"? A big man was cheated by a child and didn't know it. Tang Yiqing had an epiphany when she said so, but who would teach them? Suddenly, he thought of a man. "Yamaguchi Ji-wook!" "Daddy Yamaguchi!" Almost at the same time, two people have a tacit understanding, coincidentally say their own ideas,artificial grass panels, and then look at each other and smile. Xiao Fei. "Hm?" Xiao Fei looked back a little absentmindedly at the elongated figures of the two people in the street lamp. In her mind, she saw a scene of them with white hair, but they were still walking hand in hand in the moonlight. She suddenly longed for this happiness to stop. I want to make another contract with you. Tang Yiqing played a prank on her. Nope Why is the dream suddenly disillusioned? Xiao Fei shook his head desperately in disbelief. Don't you? My contract is for a lifetime! Tang Yiqing looked at Xiao Fei with a little fear from excitement to calm expression,outdoor palm trees, he did not understand why she did not respond, is his joke too much? "Xiao Fei, don't scare me!" Suddenly Xiao Fei grinned at him, "Hey, hey!"! I signed the contract you just mentioned, but you have to sleep here tonight with a telephone pole and a guitar, silk cherry blossom tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and I won't let you in the door. As soon as she finished speaking, she ran back to the Yamaguchi mansion without looking back, ignoring Tang Yiqing's pleading voice behind her back. Alas! I'm so stupid. Don't you know that's called the calm before the storm? At this moment, Tang Yiqing really recognized that he was on the pirate ship, and his wife and children did not care about him, but he enjoyed the sweet feeling. More exciting E-books in: E-book zone Epilogue "Dear Bad Husband" Author: Nian Mei Half a year later- "Wife, I have coaxed the child to sleep, we can-" Tang Yiqing closed the door, then rushed to the bed of Xiao Fei, but also snatched the magazine in her hand and threw it aside, a pair of hands are not idle to remove Xiao Fei's ivory pajamas as thin as cicada wings. Feeling the warmth and gentle touch between his fingers, Xiao Fei also proved her heart with her actions, and she loved the feeling of being pitied. After the passion, Xiao Fei found a comfortable position for himself in Tang Yiqing's arms, quietly counting his heartbeat. Xiao Fei, Xiao Xuan called her mother yesterday to tell her that she was pregnant. Tang Yiqing doted on his wife's hair, knowing that her straight black hair was for him. How time flies! We've been married for almost half a year. She sighed deeply. In the past six months, she really felt Tang Yiqing's thoughtfulness and affection, which made her feel that she was the happiest woman in the world. Will you blame me for not being with you when you were pregnant with Xiaofang and Xiaoting? "Come on,large artificial blossom trees, that's an old question. How many times do you have to ask it before you're happy?" Xiao Fei pretended to be very impatient. I want to be sure again! Tang Yiqing learned from Xiao Fei to act like a spoiled child to him. Are you disgusting? She jokingly poked him in the strong chest, "I said I would not care about the past, as long as." If only you could stay with me this time! 。


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