Director, Production Innovation

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Temescal Wellness

Director, Production Innovation

Temescal Wellness invests in, launches and manages various state-legal cannabis companies.  Formed approximately one year ago, Temescal has two of the four medical cannabis licenses in New Hampshire, holds active ownership positions in two cannabis-infused product companies, has applied for licenses in Massachusetts and Maryland, and is evaluating other opportunities nationwide to acquire and start new businesses.  Temescal Wellness will have multiple cultivation, manufacturing and retail locations nationwide.

We are looking for a Director of Production Innovation to ensure that all Temescal Wellness staff are using the most cutting-edge techniques for cultivation and manufacturing.  We seek a person who enjoys acquiring knowledge and – more importantly – enjoys the process of ensuring that her teammates are so well-trained that they habitually use that know-how in their work roles.  This person will be curious, hard-working and analytical, and will share our passion for wellness, our commitment to quality and our unrivaled obsession with building enterprise value.  The candidate will work directly with one of the most-accomplished executives in the industry and may earn ownership in, and to have a meaningful, direct impact on, a diversified portfolio of exceptional cannabis companies.

Duties & Responsibilities

·        The candidate’s purview will include multiple areas of activity, such as: cultivation; harvest & post-harvest processing (e.g., dry, cure, trim); and Extraction.  The candidate will also contribute to new product development, including genetics, infused products and packaging, as well as to best practices for sanitation, storage and testing.  The candidate will investigate options for equipment, software and techniques, undertaking hypothesis-driven research to back-up her recommendations to management.

·        Building on her experience in one or more of these fields, the candidate will continuously acquire new know-how by researching information online and from vendor literature, by attending conferences, by talking to vendors, and by designing and conducting R&D experiments and production activities at the Company’s state-licensed facilities.  While the candidate is not required to have mastered all areas of production prior to assuming the role, s/he will be expected to fill-in knowledge gaps on an ongoing basis in all relevant areas.  The company will look to the candidate to bring all required areas of know-how and to identify when we should supplement in-house resources with external, third-party consultants.

·        The candidate will help design cultivation and production facilities, and will drive decisions ranging from cultivation approaches to specific choices for equipment and systems.

·        Above all else, the candidate will be an exceptional teacher.  Her background, credibility, know-how and training expertise will result in adoption of candidate’s ideas (e.g., equipment purchase decisions) by management, and in adoption of candidate’s recommended techniques by production staff.  In other words, it is necessary but insufficient for the candidate to possess and continuously acquire cutting-edge know-how – the success of the candidate will be measured by her effectiveness in training others to achieve desired results and improvements.

·        The candidate will have responsibility for all production-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and will work with third-party consultants to turn those SOPs into highly-effective training curricula, including interactive, online training.

·        The candidate’s success will be measured by improvements to: Quality Assurance / Sanitation; Workplace Safety; Yield / Productivity; Efficiency / Sustainability; Company Intellectual Property; and Quality Control / Testing

·        The Company will have multiple production locations and the candidate will work with the teams at each location, including general management, production management and production hourly staff.

·        Initially, the candidate will be an independent contributor, but will collaborate with numerous co-workers and with outside individuals and vendors.  In future, the candidate will have budget for consultants, equipment, space and staff.

·        The candidate may work remotely and will travel frequently, including to visit trade shows and vendors, and to conduct training at Company production facilities.

Experience & Qualifications

·        Quantifiable improvements to operations of other cultivation or manufacturing operations

·        Designed, composed and / or conducted training of both hourly and management staff in cultivation or manufacturing operations

·        Passion to work in an industry with positive societal impact

·        Ambition to build the industry’s leading portfolio of state-legal cannabis companies

·        Knowledge of techniques, equipment and systems for cultivation or manufacturing, preferably for cannabis

·        Dealing with highly-regulated operations, including interactions with state and local regulators and inspectors

·        Excellent project management, writing and verbal skills.  Highly-responsive, with strong attention to detail.  In particular, large-scale, complex, interdisciplinary projects and the ability to interface with cross-functional teams to achieve desired outcomes on time and on budget.

·        Proactive and assertive, but respectful and polite. Highly-motivated, resourceful and comfortable working in an unstructured, entrepreneurial environment.  Tenacious and creative.

·        Strong sense of accountability, ownership and responsibility for your work product and that of others with whom you collaborate

·        One or more of the following certifications: HACCP, GMP, FMEA, QARA, CQI, Six Sigma, or other certifications relevant for production and workflow engineering.

·        Mastery of, or willingness to learn, various software programs, including especially cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools (e.g., Google calendar, Drive)


·        Resume, including GPA(s) and standardized test score(s)

·        Cover letter, including motivations for working in the cannabis industry and long-term career goals

·        Please note: this is an open position for which there is no deadline, either for the candidate to apply or for the company to make a hiring decision.  The company will review submissions on a rolling basis.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to apply and will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Compensation & Location.  Initially, the candidate will be an Independent Contractor who will be able to work remotely.  Over time, and as Temescal’s portfolio evolves, the candidate may wish to relocate to intensify collaboration with team members.  Compensation depends on candidate qualifications, and will include base salary, ownership and success-based bonuses, in addition to health and wellness benefits.

Temescal Wellness is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity. We recruit and hire applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, genetic information, or any other factor prohibited by law.

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