"You asked for it. You stayed in the cave and didn't come out. Fortunately, you came out early. Otherwise, you would have killed all your disciples. On the other hand, it's also your fault that the people in the Beggars' Sect are cowards. In those days, my brothers couldn't defeat you two old people. They jumped off the cliff to escape. We are paying each other back." Jia Ming had learned some of the reasons from their conversation and sighed, "I want to live in peace, but God doesn't allow me to, and these people don't want to live in peace.". I want to fight and kill all day long. God is very tolerant of them. This world is really ***ing evil! After all, I thought that the two old people who were busy and dumb were members of the Beggars' Sect, that is, their own colleagues. He could not help but be partial to the two old people. He thought to himself, "It seems that I can't be a middleman anymore. I should be a cheerleader for the deaf-mute." Jia Ming then lay behind the boulder, secretly peeping at how the two old things dealt with the two bandits in the south and north of the sword. The deaf-mute two beggars were not wordy either. They shot up and split their palms at the two bandits in the south of the sword. The south of the sword created the north without much concession. They opened up separately, and their palms came out together. They reached the deaf-mute two beggars and the deaf-dumb two beggars in the air, and then flew back a few feet away. The beggar laughed and said, "I can't believe you two brothers have made a lot of progress in martial arts. Have you worked hard?" Jianbei bandit Yin sneered, "I haven't done any hard work, but what I've learned is enough for you." "Newly learned, is it difficult for you to get a wordless book from heaven and a chance?" As soon as the deaf-mute said this, the Jiannan bandits fell in disorder and stormed forward,S Adenosyl Methionine, coming in a colorful way. "The deaf-mute beggar exclaimed. When the deaf beggar saw the flower palm coming, he did not dare to hold it up. He turned over his palm and wrapped himself in the shadow of his palm to prevent the sharp flower palm from advancing." You How do you know the martial arts of those women in Yanyu Palace?! "Yes, if we want to avenge our shame, we have to worship under the door of the Misty Rain Palace. Old man, are you afraid?" Say sword north bandit double palm such as fly, more like startled sword sharp blade, such as wind sound around the ear like whistling down, straight * dumb old,Sex Enhancement Powder, dumb old see this palm method, seems to be a little afraid, hurriedly avoid. Jia Ming thought to himself, what kind of monster school is Yanyu Palace? Duan is so powerful. If this young master can also worship under the door of Yanyu Palace, that's amazing! Perhaps want the wind to get the wind, want to get the rain, no longer need to be a beggar, not to be bullied by others, ears listening, eyes watching, but the heart is very beautiful. After a few rounds, the two deaf-mute beggars were at a disadvantage. They were losing ground and their palms were in disorder. Even Jia Ming could see some of the flaws. "It's over," Jia Ming said to himself. "These two old things are really useless!" But Jia Ming didn't even know the slightest bit of martial arts, so he could only speak in the vernacular. When he was defeated, Kava Root Extract ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, he suddenly saw the two bandits in the south and north of the sword making a mistake with their palms. They immediately came to the deaf and dumb two elders like two intertwined pairs. The two elders panicked and did not choose their hands. They came out with four palms and held on to them. They heard two screams, and the two elders retreated a few steps. The two bandits also took a few steps back in their fierce resistance. It seemed that the two deaf-mute elders were badly injured. Both of them "wah-wah" spat blood. The two bandits went up and attacked the deaf-mute again. The deaf-mute managed to cope with it. Where was their opponent. Seeing the half-man-high thatch at the foot of Hanshan Temple, the deaf-mute two people jumped down, rolled into the thatch, and rolled straight to the rock where Jia Ming was. When the two bandits saw that the deaf-mute beggar wanted to escape, they immediately leaped down and hurried down, but the cliff was not high or low, just enough to throw people half to death. At this time, the deaf-mute beggar was seriously injured, but he fell down again. He rolled down and hit the rocks again, and immediately fainted. Jia Ming saw clearly in the chaos of the grass, and saw the two bandits coming. He did not know where the courage came from. He bent down and took two steps, dragged the deaf-mute beggars and brought them into his office. Then he had a brainwave and kicked over two huge stones. The two huge stones immediately rolled down the hill, and the thatch on the disturbed hillside trembled. Trembling all the way down the hill, the two bandits, Jian Nan and Jian Bei, were overjoyed to see the thatch trembling down. Staring at the thatch, they said proudly, "Let's see where you're going today!" Jia Ming watched the two bandits chasing down the hill. Then he turned around and covered the palace in the thatch with a huge stone. After that, he looked at the two deaf-mute beggars and saw that they were still unconscious and lying there. You two old people are fighting and killing at an old age. Are you tired of living! Today is not to meet this king, I am afraid you two old things bone frame will be removed by others. After all, seeing that the two elders still did not wake up, he was also a little flustered. He went up to explore their breath, which was extremely weak. He also saw that their hands and feet had been scratched by boulders in several places. He hurriedly bandaged them up in a mess, touched them again, and took out a porcelain bottle for a long time. Jia Ming had read books for a few days before and recognized some of them. At this time, he saw the words "Xuezhi Pill" clearly written on the bottle. Startled, I thought to myself: "Xuezhi Pill" is not the Ganoderma lucidum on the snow mountain! I heard it's very precious! So they poured out two pills and each of them took one. "If this is poison," they said to the fainting beggars, "if you die, you can't blame your majesty. Don't ask me for a debt. Blame yourself for your bad luck. If it's life-saving medicine, even if you don't deserve to die, you don't have to thank me. Do you know?" Said no longer pay attention to two people, muttering and two people crowded together, extremely uncomfortable to sleep down. But thinking that if two people died in the middle of the night, he was not with the two dead "bed" in the middle of the night, so a thought, Jia Ming could not sleep any more, sat up with a long sigh, but the two people beside him quietly did not have a little sound, the more he thought about it, the more he could not help it, moved the boulder, saw that it was already dark outside, so he went out of the cave and came to the boulder where he enjoyed the cool. Headrest giant,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, looking at the blue sky, counting the stars in the sky, soon fell asleep in a muddle.


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