"Not to mention, how do you fight against Lu Xuan and his party alone? If you meet Cheng Haofeng, the strongest single soldier on the black page.". The consequences are unimaginable. "I think, in the third St. Petersburg, we will still have a chance to meet again, because you gave me a communication headset, which has a tracking device, so I will throw it away, I believe that when we meet again, a lot of interesting things will happen to us, goodbye.." The sound of "rustling" electricity came from the communication headset. Let Tasia know that the communicator provided by the military to Yin Quan has been destroyed by her. Yin Quan, so you can become a lone ranger, I hope you in this dangerous ruins of the city, not with Lu Xuan and his party on the real, do not meet with Cheng Haofeng. Take care of yourself. As Tasia muttered to herself, she switched the communication channel. First Corps, Second Corps. Fifth Legion, please clear the battlefield quickly, and then all legions.. Let's go to the alien queen's lair. "Report to Lieutenant Colonel, the First Corps has received it." "Report, Colonel.". Second Legion received. "Report to Lieutenant Colonel,plastic pallet containers, the Fifth Corps has received it." "Report to Lieutenant Colonel, the Third Corps has received it." Over the ruins of the city, covered with weeds and green vines, white smoke drifted. Lu Xuan carried Qiao Qiao on his back. Walking through the streets and highways, he was followed by a white man with glasses and black hair, and Gauss, who was pushed in a wheelchair by white engineering uniforms. In a line of people, walking in the last is a casual face of Xie Juan,plastic pallet bins, although her action is as fast as the crowd, but can not feel, her expression has any elements of danger. Lu, why did you stop? Qiaoqiao, who had been lying on Lu Xuan's back, gently opened his eyes. Well, I'm looking for the way. Lu Xuan stopped in front of a towering tree. Is there a road behind this big sycamore tree? The white man with glasses was a little confused. As far as the row of buildings in front of him was concerned, it should have been a shopping street. Even if there was something behind the tree, it should have been a storefront. Lu, it's not convenient for you to carry Qiaoqiao on your back. I'll go to the tree and have a look. Xie Juan walked down quickly from the rear of the team. No need. Lu Xuan coldly refused Xie Juan's suggestion and whispered back to Qiao Qiao, "There will be some shocks later, you hold me tightly." Jojo nodded forcefully. Lu Xuan took a step forward, holding Qiaoqiao on his back with his left hand, clenching his fist with his right hand, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet crates, closing his elbow, straightening his waist, flashing his eyes, and blasting forward with a fierce punch. Bang! After a shock, where he dropped his fist, the thick tree body burst, the sawdust flew, not only the fallen leaves like rain, but also some old leaves fell one after another. Nearly ten meters high, while the branches and leaves tremble, "Kaka Kaka.." In the sound, he fell to the left without hesitation. It's not uncommon to have a strong fist, but it's terrible to be able to control the tree to fall at the angle you set. Lu, sometimes I really doubt that you're not an ancient warrior, but a mathematician. Xie Juan sighed with a charming smile. Uh Lu Xuan ignored the praise behind him and quickly cast his eyes behind the fallen tree. Behind half of the stump is the entrance of a black crow, and above the entrance is the sign of the intercity subway. Lu, how do you know there is a subway here? The white man with glasses asked in surprise. Before I came here, I had seen the urban design map at that time. Although nearly a hundred years have passed, the forest invasion has changed many parts of the city, but I think at least the entrance of the subway still exists. While I was constantly shuttling through the streets, I was constantly comparing the maps in my mind, so it was not difficult to find here. Lu Xuan said lightly. It's not really difficult to find the subway entrance, but I'm curious. Xie Juan's eyes flickered. "Why are you looking for the entrance of the subway?"? Do you know something? "Well, before I came here, I asked a top hacker to infiltrate the archives center of the Adige government. According to the information, there is a special secret line at a subway entrance near the security base, which can lead directly to the bottom of the Black Iron Mine, where the alien queen's lair is located. Even if the train on that line can't be used, it's the simplest and fastest way to walk there.". ” Xie Juan nodded repeatedly, "Just now in the security base, I also found the subway information in the data area. Now we really need to leave the area full of anesthetic gas quickly, because the anti-anesthetic drug ingredients in our body will soon disappear." "Time is indeed pressing, Lu, and we now unconditionally trust your judgment." Gauss's voice is very urgent, because he knows that now his own people have few, now Lu Xuan has become a real leader from this line of people, the nominal leader, his secret weapon can only be used to deal with the alien queen, everything else, can only be handed over to Lu Xuan. Following Lu Xuan's line of sight, all the people's eyes crossed the broken trees together and looked at the dark and deep subway entrance ahead. Chapter 208 death in the train. Black Dragon Novel Net Update Time: 2009-7-17 23:20:35 Words in this chapter: 3676 St. Petersburg was originally developed because of the existence of "black iron ore" in the forest. After the exploitation of black iron ore, considering the surrounding ecological environment and tens of thousands of citizens living in this place, the Adige government worked out a plan to transform the "resort" in the dense forest. The original mining area, under the transformation of the government, has become a tourist attraction in the dense forest. The original small mine has become a memorial park in the city, while the bottom of the mine is still crisscrossed by mine tunnels, which have not been filled up. Just lock it down No visitors. No visitors. After the alien invasion,ibc spill containment pallet, this place became their main nest. During the construction of the "safe base", the Adige government comprehensively reinforced and renovated an abandoned subway leading to the underground of the mine, which is a secret subway line belonging to the government and is basically in a non-open state. Lu Xuan analyzed from the information obtained that this secret route was mainly reserved for the use of government agencies returning to the third St. Petersburg.


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