Cost For Basic To High End Sewing Machines


The questions are “how much do you spend on a sewing machine? And does it cost reasonably?”. The answer absolutely depends on your needs.

There is a vast array of sewing models available out there for you to choose from. Even if you are a sewing learner, you can find the best sewing machine for beginners at different price points.


Today, we will show you the average price range of sewing machines at all levels so that you can estimate your bucks more wisely.


Basic sewing machines

$100 – $1000

Basic machines are ideal for beginners to make simple dresses, decorate homes, and repair stuff. These inexpensive models can still do the basic tasks that you need.

They can sew different types of fabrics and have basic stitches such as straight, zigzag, and even decorative stitches. Commonly, these models feature one buttonhole mode. Besides, there are several accessories attached to the machine.

However, entry-level machines may not come with any auto needle threader.

If you are a starter, make sure that you will get instructions along with the machine when buying it.

Importantly, you won’t want to miss out on classes offered by the manufacturer or even suppliers. They are quite cheap with few computerized parts so that it’s hard for you to make a mistake.


Mid-range Sewing Machines

$800 – $3000

Mid-range models have more stitches and functions when compared to those of basic ones. You can find your own good sewing machine for beginners from these models.



Aside from the regular stitches, some models in the mid-range category provide you with different embroidery designs. Also, the number of attachments is larger than the basic machines.

They are not specialists at quilting or embroidery, still, they can handle those projects.

Moreover, these machines come with an auto needle threading system and a variety of buttonholes.


Advanced Sewing Machines

$5000 – $10000

Advanced or high-end sewing models are for professional sewers.

Advanced models are too complicated with plenty of extra features that beginners will feel overwhelmed when learning. In contrast, if you are on your way to being a serious seamstress, a machine in the mid-range category is a better option to start with.

These models have an array of stitches and embroidery patterns along with numerous auto buttonholes. Normally, they present in a total-computerized system.

Moreover, many models contain a touchscreen and allow you to download/upload designs from the machine to the Internet and vice versa.


Specialized Sewing Machines


The most expensive sewing machines on the market all come from this category. In addition, You cannot also find the best sewing machine for beginners from this kind of category. Generally, there are 3 types of specialized machines as follows:

Firstly, the Quilting machine is a specialist with excellent feed for handling fabric’s layers. It also has an extended table for quilting with ease.

Next is the Overlocker that is regularly a second machine besides a straight model. Its aims are to neaten the fabric edges and make a lock-stitching on stretch fabrics.

Finally, the Embroidery machine is a specialist with a central system for controlling most functions like needle positions, needle bar, stitch options, etc. It also comes with memory storage to save and customize your stitch combo.


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