Cyber Security


San Francisco and Las Vegas

Over a decade ago, we co-founded a successful and ongoing darknet1 intelligence company, thwarting cybercrime and terrorism by supporting law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies for attribution of cybercriminals and counter-terrorism. Operating silently in the background, we have been protecting you for over a decade from darknet cybercrime and terrorist attacks worldwide. Collectively we have over 100 years’ experience throughout the cybersecurity industry, providing the highest grade of cybersecurity used by law enforcement, military, government intelligence agencies and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Our founders recognized the legal cannabis industry and ancillary businesses’ need to be compliant in their cybersecurity programs as well as proactively protect their customers and investment. Although the Great Green Rush has brought many an entrepreneur and investor alike to establish their position during this infancy period, securing digital assets are often an afterthought. Read more…