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Heath Care Professionals


Matthews, NC 28106, United States

Purple Peace was established in 2017 with the goal of increasing access to high quality, high value, low-cost cannabis branded products for patients suffering from serious medical conditions. Our mission is to ensure that patients have the right products at the right time. In addition, we strive to set industry standards for product quality and availability. We are guided by public health principles, led by caregivers, focused on diversity and inclusion, and overall share in the passion to improve our community’s quality of care and access to cannabis oil. Our vision is to bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry, one community at a time. Read more…


Montclair, CA 91763, United States

Aegis Biotech, Inc. is a research-driven developer of formularies designed for Medical and Therapeutic applications within Institutional Review Boards settings to the smallest Pediatric patients suffering from DIPG a terminal disease affecting 1 in every 265 children in this country alone. With all types of childhood cancers combined to great disappointment merely receive only 4% of US Federal Funding for cancer research. We would love to see more funding support for the smallest and most innocent of all, children. Aegis was formed with the passion and purpose of developing and marketing innovative technologies and processes to convert chemical compounds into applications and delivery processes to impact efficacy in indications. Unique to our approach is our ingredient mix designed to eliminate psychoactive effect of Delta 9, making our product development more functional and to a significantly broader patient base. We advocate and educate awareness within the Clinical settings with Clinicians from all over the world. We are researching a Catheterization to the brain, in conjunction with our Preventative Health and Wellness Protocol using our Patent Process Pending Neutracutical line. We operate American Cannabis Associations, soon to be released site, where we again advocate and support Global advocacy and education as the research extends into Global territories, we desire to see the positive impact we can make in Pediatric Research. ACA will donate funding for research in various Pediatric studies specific in Cannabidiol studies. Read more…