Who can believe it when it gets out? It's like the Arabian Nights! "Nonsense! I've smelled the holy medicine. Hurry up and take it out, or I'll destroy all of you." Shi Hao said. He is very comely, a pair of big eyes are particularly smart, the body is crystal clear, the hair is loose, elegant out of the dust, there is a fairy charm, like a banished immortal. However, this kind of verve, this kind of elegant demeanor, actually is saying the words of looting impatiently, really appears some strange, lets a group of people be speechless. As for Louis, a little numb, this man has been giving people "surprises" since the meeting, several times he was scared to sit on the ground, simply can not be judged by common sense. I The golden crane is going to cry. It's too cowardly to be robbed like this. Pow! Without saying a word, Shi Hao directly rewarded him with a big slap and urged him to present it quickly, otherwise he would kill here. Finally, the treasure house was opened, and a strong fragrance of medicine came to my face. In addition, there are all kinds of divine materials piled up. It smells good! Shi Hao was intoxicated and suddenly felt that there was no need to collect medicine, so that he could rob his enemies more happily than anything else, and more quickly and quickly. At a glance, a full eight holy medicine, sealed together, fragrant fragrance, sprinkled a brilliant holy light, illuminated the whole treasure house. In addition, there are two jade tripods, opened separately, revealing two fruits, the aroma is more intense, into the bones of people, as if to soar. A fruit is silver,horse weight tape, like a flame burning, more brilliant than the holy medicine. The other fruit is shrouded in purple light and covered with dense fog, which is equally amazing. Demigod fruit! Louis was surprised. The so-called semi-divine fruit is not as good as the magic medicine, but it is stronger than the holy medicine. Its value is amazing. It contains powerful divinity. It can bring the dying back to life immediately. The harvest is huge. Shi Hao is very satisfied. However, he felt a little sorry to think that there must have been more amazing sacred medicines sent to the retreat of the descendants of the Temple of Immortals earlier. You Can't take away, if the adult is angry, will bleed to float oars, Fu corpses countless! The golden crane trembled, a little anxious. Let him come to me. Shi Hao sneers, the two sides are enemies, destined to have a war, these things he took very comfortable. Later, Shi Hao swept the pile of materials and found that a kind of divine thing was extraordinary, misty and metallic, which was a very rare divine material. This is moire copper, which can be used to cast divine instruments, and even if it is refined properly, it can also be cast into the weapons of top religious leaders. Louis was surprised. Since it's good, cattle weight tape ,Walking measuring wheel, I'll take it away. Shi Hao said. He began to pick and choose here, euphemistically called treasure hunting, and the angry golden crane shivered, but dared not speak out. By the way, where is the heir of the temple of immortals? Shi Hao suddenly asked, feeling that it would be better to kill him directly and get into each other's lair. I don't know. Every time a wisp of adult's spirit body comes to fetch the precious medicine. The voice of the golden crane trembled. The demon king was so evil that he even wanted to target the adults in the temple of immortals. Who dares to come to the temple of immortals to be presumptuous? Someone shouted in a thunderous voice. All right, you're back. Get him! The golden crane quickly retreated, and then shouted, with surprise in his eyes, looking at Shi Hao, full of hatred, but also fear. The men of the temple of immortals immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and all of a sudden two immortals came back, that is, two powerful first generation, enough to suppress all foreign enemies. Some of the forces in the city have responded. We'll take him outside the city and kill him. One of the first generation said in a cold voice, sending out waves of terror and blood. Break empty amulet to open, in an instant, two first generation wrapped with Shi Hao and Louis disappeared from here, at the same time there are more than a dozen strong people to follow down. I want to see him die with my own eyes. You guard here! The golden crane said bitterly, urging a broken amulet to disappear. Outside the Hall of Immortals, many people stopped and watched, because they received the news that there was a problem here. It's just a small thing. Let's spread out. Someone stirred up trouble, but they were driven away. Someone came out and said that he believed that Shi Hao would be caught and that no one could fight against the temple of immortals. As a matter of fact, they were waiting left and right in the temple of immortals, but they didn't see the immortals return. No, the ferocious young man has come back, but our immortal will not be seen! Half an hour later, someone ran into the bronze hall and shouted with fear. The people who stayed behind were all frightened. The two immortals did not come back, but the man appeared instead? Someone ran out to watch and found the ferocious young man, who burped as he walked and seemed to have a little indigestion. Let's go to the battlefield and see what happened and why the two immortals did not return. Soon after, a group of people came to a mountainous area with the help of the transport array. When they saw the broken peaks and the sinking earth, their hearts sank. Obviously, there was a big war here, and the young man went back, which is enough to say everything. There it is. Found it. Someone was sharp-eyed and found the golden crane. But now his hair was dishevelled and his eyes were dull, as if he had no soul. Where are the two immortals? Someone asked loudly. However, after asking questions several times in a row, the golden crane did not respond. He was so stupid that his spirit collapsed. What happened?! Someone drank a lot. Finally, the golden crane had a reaction, almost like a dream, said some words that made everyone's hair stand on end, saying: "Dead, all dead, all roasted and eaten by him." "What?!" "Something big has happened. Two of the first generation have died. I want to find a way to tell my Lord to leave the pass and let him kill him!" Someone roared in a low voice. We must ask the heir of the temple of immortals to make a move. Outside, the monks saw clearly through the stone tablet, all in a daze, too ferocious, that is two first generation ah, there are more than a dozen masters, all swept by Shi Hao, killed together. He became stronger, much stronger than before, the two first generation of life and death, using all means, shopping to the end, but ultimately did not let him even hurt a trace. Someone sighed lightly. This battle laid the foundation for Shi Hao's divine power,Diameter tape measure, so that the outside world are all frightened, but unfortunately can not tell the disciples of the immortal, can not warn! Shi Hao came back with Louis and wanted to go to the Dark Shrine and rob them. tapemeasure.net


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