Concentrates & Extraction

Portland, OR, USA

Swell Companies Limited owns and manages the first OLCC licensed hydrocarbon extraction facility, Loud Lab, in Portland, Oregon. We pride ourselves in providing quality jobs and in producing quality oils that we package and sell as either Dab Society Extracts or Hood Oil. Read more…


Ringgold, Pennsylvania, United States

GRO’s passion for serving patients, coupled with its focus on producing the highest and safest quality medical marijuana is quickly proving GRO to be the pioneer industry exemplar. Relying on the paradigm created by sunlight, clean energy, organic agricultural farming, and cost containment, the safest and highest quality medicine reaches those who need it most. Read more…


Denver, CO, United States

Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm

Mahatma Concentrates was established in 2010. We are an independent extraction company, whose primary focus is to create the very best available. Our core beliefs as a company are simple, “produce the best” and everything else falls into place. We are dedicated growers of the plant, our core growing practices ensure quality starting material, that has been properly grown, flushed & cured. We brought these practices to light in 2010, when we opened Mahatma in the beautiful State of Colorado. We hold both a Medical License and a Recreational License to be able to process award winning concentrates for the Colorado market. We look forward to continued regulation by the State and the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is in place to help us as a new emerging industry. We are currently working on projects to establish ourselves as an industry leader, leading by example on safe and proper extraction methods and practices. Award winning contract processing is available for Colorado Licensed MMC’s and Dispensaries. Read more…