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Matthews, NC 28106, United States

Purple Peace was established in 2017 with the goal of increasing access to high quality, high value, low-cost cannabis branded products for patients suffering from serious medical conditions. Our mission is to ensure that patients have the right products at the right time. In addition, we strive to set industry standards for product quality and availability. We are guided by public health principles, led by caregivers, focused on diversity and inclusion, and overall share in the passion to improve our community’s quality of care and access to cannabis oil. Our vision is to bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry, one community at a time. Read more…



Oakham, MA 01068, United States

Reliable Bud is the # 1 source for locating cannabis products nationwide where you can search, rate, review and discover exciting new brands. We focus on reviewing and promoting new local and small cannabis businesses while servicing all aspects of the cannabis industry. Reliable Bud is the source for cannabis related B.Y.O.C. events near you and nationwide. Our goal is to promote all affiliated cannabis businesses by providing reviews, feedback, marketing opportunities and organizing local events. Read more…


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W Vapes cares about its patients by providing the highest quality medicine in our convenient and safe devices. The metal and glass construction of our cartridges preserves the robust flavor of our premium cannabis oils and is completely safe under high temperatures. We use only supercritical CO2 for our extraction, and use zero additives making W Vapes the cleanest and safest vape cartridge available. We ensure the quality and safety of our medicines through rigorous laboratory testing by our staff scientists and by a third-party laboratory. Our oils are also strain-specific, and we use a proprietary terpene separation process which enables us to preserve and reintroduce the original terpenes (extracted from the original flower, not food grade imitations) into our oils, creating a very robust and authentic strain-specific flavor experience. Our customer service also separates us. We are committed to providing our vendors and patients with quality medicine and support. Read more…



135 108th Ave N Treasure Island, FL 33706

Canna Meds is more than just an ordinary commercial endeavor, we want our business to be about more than just making money, we are designed to be a Social Enterprise. Being a Social Enterprise means that we have a constructive impact on the quality of lives of the people that we come into contact with and that we work every day to effect necessary social change. Read more…


United States

Penn’s Greens seeks to provide compassionate care to qualified patients in Pennsylvania through the production of natural and reliable medical cannabis products. Read more…



Juneau, AK 99801, United States

We are an vertical integration company with a grow, concentrates and retail facility. Involved with the political process and getting laws passed. One of our owners worked for the Governor of Alaska and helped set policy. We have 2 female owners, a female grower, female marketing and a female future lobbyist. Read more…



Ringgold, Pennsylvania, United States

GRO’s passion for serving patients, coupled with its focus on producing the highest and safest quality medical marijuana is quickly proving GRO to be the pioneer industry exemplar. Relying on the paradigm created by sunlight, clean energy, organic agricultural farming, and cost containment, the safest and highest quality medicine reaches those who need it most. Read more…


Los Angeles, CA, United States

W!NK™ is a brand created by women, for women. Women can trust that the product meets a premium standard and is formulated from beginning to end, just for them. At the foundation, the product research and lab testing are of a superior standard so that every W!NK™ product is of the highest quality, purity, consistency, and flavor. Read more…



1082 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, 94109

Our mission is to design and optimize your experienced benefits of cannabis. We offer the highest quality cannabis products blended to suit the preferences and well-being of people everywhere. Our core values guide our strategies and actions so that we can empower everyone to explore and discover new pathways towards living a healthy, full, life. Read more…



PO Box 480,Trinidad, CA, 95570, United States

Our mission is to provide the highest quality medicinal products to the California medical cannabis market. All of our formulations are created with plant synergy in mind. We understand that terpenes and other constituents in cannabis are as important THC and CBD. HCS educates health practitioners, caregivers about the public about the medicinal uses of cannabis and other herbs. We specialize in formulating skin care, medicinal and recreational cannabis products for large and small companies. Read more…