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Simply Kind Solutions is an emerging leader in the Human Capital services industry, which harnesses the power of technology to deliver complete and total staffing solutions to organizations of all sizes, exclusively catering to companies within the cannabis industry. We offer cannabis staffing solutions to: marijuana dispensaries, cultivation facilities, laboratories, R&D facilities, certification centers, software development organizations, and ancillary business units within the cannabis industry to ensure that they find and keep the talent they are searching for. Many companies find it challenging to respond to constantly changing staffing needs and initiatives utilizing only their internal staff. That is why many companies turn to Simply Kind for all of their staffing needs. Through our many service offerings, we deliver best-of-breed resources in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Additionally, our service delivery platform has enabled us to expand our footprint across all 50 states, as well as promoting a culturally diverse talent pool. Our Professional Services and RPO models offer you reliable, dedicated and innovative professionals to help take your organization to the next level, while giving you the flexibility to take on your greatest challenges without the expense, inconvenience, or costly delay of lengthy recruiting and assessment processes. Whether you’re looking to staff an entire project, or only seeking a reliable, consistent preferred vendor of staffing services, we have a solution for you. At Simply Kind Solutions, we build relationships, not statistics. Read more…


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Nine Point Strategies provides risk management services for the cannabis industry – it is all we do. Our team of Insurance, HR and Safety professionals are dedicated to helping you develop a strong risk management portfolio to protect what you do – your business, product and employees. Read more…


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Faces HCM looks at human resources through a different lens. HR shouldn’t be a cost of doing business — it should be a revenue producer. When your employees are empowered, treated well, and feel committed to their company, there is less turn over, more productivity, and a healthier culture. Faces HCM provide these services to the cannabis Industry and any business owner who strives for a customized, transparent, and flexible option for all their administrative and human resource needs. Read more…


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Gradujuana is the cannabis industry’s premier recruiting agency, connecting businesses with highly skilled professionals. Read more…