The crane twisted his ankle and shook his head. "No, I got the token back." She stretched out her hand, and in the palm of her hand lay a golden token of pure gold, with chestnut wet saliva on the red rope. Thanks to General Zong. Wen He turned his head and was about to thank Zong again when he found that he had already left with a column of imperial guards. General Zong? When Xiao Luan heard the name mentioned in Wen He's mouth, he was so surprised that he stepped back. "Is it the little childe of General Zong's house?" Wen He nodded, thinking that it was really his father who was more famous. General Zong has only one son. He had an accident when he was young, and he still can't speak. If Miss Crane meets him, she should be more careful not to provoke the little general. In Xiao Luan's mind, there was a scene in which Wen He provoked Zong Kui, and then the old general Zong came to the Butterfly Palace with a knife to protect him. Hearing Xiao Luan's words, Wen He felt the same way. She held Xiao Luan's hand with tears in her eyes and said, "Yes, I also think he is not easy to mess with." "So can I go back to the palace and rest now?" The crane winked and looked at Xiao Luan expectantly, "I'm really sleepy." "Of course not." Xiao Luan frowned and seemed to be very embarrassed. "This afternoon, the empress will accompany you to choose cloth in the fabric Bureau." "The conferring ceremony can't be done carelessly. The empress specially invited the most skillful craftsman in the fabric Bureau. It's almost time now. Miss Crane, why don't you go to the fabric Bureau first?" Xiao Luan tried to persuade him. Wen He was half pulled and half dragged by her to walk in the direction of the Fabric Bureau. He yawned and said, "Tomorrow, can't tomorrow?" "Of course not tomorrow. The prince will return to the palace tomorrow, and the empress will go to see him." Xiao Luan sighed,Service Sink Faucets, somewhat helpless. Wen He was a little dizzy, but after listening to the four words "His Royal Highness the Prince", he immediately woke up. She felt that this time into the palace, and what is different from the book, the original is because the prince is not. When Wen He was reading the article, apart from the heroine, what impressed him most was the "Crown Prince" in the article. If in the book,Time Delay Faucet, Wen He admires and fears the role of the queen as the heroine, then the prince is her most admired and distressed supporting role. The author has something to say: Wen He: My token is still in the cat's place, chasing it! Zong Kui said in his heart, "Go after me, go after me, and I will fight.". Wen He: Did you catch the cat? "It's just a cat," Zong said in his heart. "Here you are. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Qi Dafei even 34 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 12 Wen He recalled the plot of the book, because the queen was framed in the struggle of the harem and lost her fertility, so her only heir was Xu Ying. And today's prince Xu Lin, this is the emperor has not yet ascended the throne, one of his concubines was born, birth is not noble, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, was originally an insignificant existence in the palace. The reason why Xu Lin was able to ascend the throne of the crown prince today was related to the empress. In the original book, in the middle of the plot, the woman who has not yet become the queen is framed in the struggle of the harem. Once she falls into the clouds and has no children, she may not be able to ascend the throne. But at this time, Xu Rin seized the opportunity, came to the already deserted Yanning Palace gate, stood overnight, and finally reached cooperation with the queen. The empress adopted Xu Rin under her own name, and then the crown prince grew up by virtue of the power of the empress's family, and won the favor of the emperor, so she was able to rise step by step and ascend the throne. When Xu Lin was still in swaddling clothes, his mother died in the war of the uprising. He was only eight years old when he waited outside the Yanning Palace all night. There was only one condition for cooperation with the empress, that is, if the empress succeeded in the future, he would always leave a place for his mother. At that time, the empress did not want to adopt a prince who was not her blood into her own name, but when she saw Xu Rin standing outside the palace gate with his lips blue with cold, a string in her heart was touched, which made her accept Xu Rin. All the officials in the Dagan Dynasty said that the present prince Xu Lin was talented, pure and gentle. But in Wenhe's view, he is a strong grass in the wind, although the wind destroys it, he would rather bend and grow endlessly. When she entered the palace, she always felt that someone was missing. Now, as soon as Xiao Luan reminded her, she remembered that Prince Xu Rin, who often accompanied the upper body of the emperor, was not in the palace. Your Highness? As he followed Xiao Luan to the Weaving Bureau, Wen He turned his head and asked doubtfully, "Why isn't he in the palace now?" "He must have gone to the south of the Yangtze River to investigate the local scenery and geography." The prince's whereabouts were not a secret in the palace, so Xiao Luan could say a word or two. The prince has a good temper. We all like him very much. If he comes back, Miss Crane doesn't have to worry about his temperament like the eldest princess. Xiao Luan whispered in the ear of Wen He. The eldest princess? As soon as Wen He thought of the delicate Xu Ying, he laughed. "She's a little funny." Xu Ying is just spoiled by the queen, that temper a little to find, Wen He felt that the last time in the imperial garden and she had not played enough, she was angry away. The crane girl still thinks she's funny? Xiao Luan patted his chest. "Everyone in the palace is afraid that the eldest princess will lose her temper." "Nothing." Wen He waved his hand, thinking that Xu Ying couldn't help her for a while anyway. Is this the weaving Bureau ahead? Wen He turned the palace wall and saw the gate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was heavily guarded in front of him. "Is the empress inside?" He asked. Xiao Luan nodded, "The empress is already inside, talking to the master of the Weaving Bureau." Wen He had a trace of respect and fear for the legendary empress described in the book, so he took a deep breath and went up and down to check whether there was anything wrong with his clothes before he entered the threshold of the fabric Bureau. The clever eunuch who was guarding the gate of the palace had already told her at the top of her voice, "Empress,stainless steel toilet, Miss Crane is here." As soon as Wen He walked into the inner room, he saw a room full of dazzling jewels, and the empress was bowing her head and rubbing a bolt of cloth that was as soft as water. cnkexin.com


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