At this time that all over the mountains and plains, countless figures like locusts swept into the air, eyes burning looking at the ancient temple, all kinds of noise is also strong at this time to the extreme. Lin Dong glanced around and found that the people from all sides were ready to move, and even the three most powerful forces, the Blood Dragon Palace, the Golden Ape Mountain, and the Ghost Sculpture Stream, had some movement. Obviously, under the treasure house of gods, even the three great demons can't keep their hearts calm. Brother, no one can enter the treasure house of gods, but every time we open it, there will be gods flying out. If we find a good one, we can use the power of the ancient God card to seize it. Xiao Yan said aside. However Because the God can only be captured by using the ancient God card. So once we get it, we have to be careful. Lin Dong's eyes flashed slightly and nodded immediately. There are so many people who covet the gods here now, but there are only a dozen ancient gods. Once the gods are seized from the treasure house, some people will be jealous. Has no one ever tried to force open this treasure house of gods? Lin Dong looked at the strong man with red eyes all over the mountains and plains and suddenly asked, although he knew that the Xuantian Palace was quite overbearing. But there are so many strong people coming here, and under the joint efforts, I think it's quite terrible, right? "Have tried,inflatable floating water park, in the treasure house of gods just appeared that period of time, there were forces to try to break the treasure house of gods, but in the end not only did not break the treasure house, but their own people were killed seven or eight out of ten, except for some very strong people.". The rest died clean. Chen Tong in the back answered. So by now. Basically no one dares to force this treasure house of gods, even the three big demons. When Lin Dong heard this, a look of surprise flashed through his eyes. Although I knew this Xuantian Palace was not weak, I didn't expect it to be so abnormal.. In this way It made his heart burn even more. Such a divine thing can't fall into the hands of the Dragon Demon Shuai that day. When Lin moved a few people to speak,Inflatable water park factory, the golden light in the depths of the mountains was also rich to the extreme, and the ancient temple was also thoroughly stable on that piece of land, and that kind of ancient wilderness, as if eternal, was awesome. The shaking of the earth. Has been gradually gentle down, the ancient temple stands quietly, which also makes the gods in the mountains become quiet, but the sound of heavy breathing, but it is exposed under this quiet surge of terrible undercurrent. Lin moved his black eyes and gazed at the ancient temple for a moment. His pupils suddenly shrank, only to see the golden light around the ancient temple, suddenly flourishing, golden light like a shining sun, rising in the mountains. Whew! A golden river of light. The fierce ancient temple shoots out, and then bends down. Like a golden circle of light, it appeared on the ancient temple. The golden circle of light flows rapidly, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable mechanical bull, and the next moment, there are countless light groups of different colors emerging from the circle of light, and a strong wave is also emanating from it. The divine thing appeared?! With the appearance of those light groups, the mountains boiled up in an instant, and countless eyes turned red, showing signs of gradually turning into wild animals. Buzz! The golden circle of light rotates at a high speed, and countless light groups rotate in the circle of light, and with such a high-speed rotation, we can only see that the beams of light suddenly burst out from it. Boom! When the beams of light came out of the golden circle of light, the mountain of gods was finally a complete riot, and the previously repressed people came out at this time, and the locust-like figure showed some signs of blocking the sun. Bang, bang! A beam of light swept out, in that beam of light, but also faintly visible things of various shapes, and each beam of light swept out, still can not rush out of the kilometer distance, is submerged by the dark crowd, and then, is the crazy scramble, yuan Li spray thin, full of energy, miserable cry, is also at this time in the mountains over the resounding. It is obviously not easy to snatch the treasure from the many people who covet it. A hilltop, Lin Dong looked coldly at the crazy struggle in front of him, but he didn't mean to make a move at all. Those who jumped out of the golden circle of light were only the most inferior things, not even divine things. But even the most inferior ones could be comparable to the ordinary Tianjie Lingbao. For many people, it was still a treasure, so it was not surprising that it would trigger such a struggle. The real baby is still in there. Lin Dong stared at the huge golden circle of light rotating above the ancient temple, in which there were unusually dazzling light groups from time to time, but they seemed to be bound by the golden circle of light, unable to break through the circle of light, so they could only run around in it. The turmoil in the mountains continued, and with more and more beams of light coming out of the golden circle of light, the turmoil intensified rapidly, and a strong smell of blood enveloped the whole mountain at an unknown time. It is in this chaotic torrent that Lin Dong and the people of Leiyuan Mountain stand quietly on the top of the mountain. Like them, there are other demon forces and some of them who are also ranked in the field of beast warfare. These people's eyesight is equally old and hot. These ordinary Lingbao can't get into their eyes. This kind of waiting lasted for more than ten minutes. Suddenly, on a hill not far away, a figure swept up fiercely. The man's body was quite strong, and his muscles were like iron knots. Between the muscle wriggles, there was an explosive force blooming out. That's the bull demon handsome.. Strength is not weaker than Xu Zhong 。” Xiao Yan looked at the figure and said aloud. Lin Dong nodded slightly, but his eyes were staring at the bull demon handsome, at this time the latter, hanging in the air, a big hand grip, an ancient God card is flashed out, immediately his palm shook, the ancient God card is turned into a dark golden light band whistling out, as fast as lightning into the golden circle of light. Hum! As soon as the dark golden band of light rushed into the golden circle of light,Inflatable water obstacle course, it suddenly straightened up, and everyone could clearly feel a violent energy rushing out of the golden circle of light along the band of light, and then fiercely bombarded the bull demon handsome. Hum


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