Seeing that a blow failed, the fantasy beast continued to attack. On the head ring, which was like a baby's head, a golden energy ball began to condense. Soon the energy was gathered, and dozens of golden energy bombs were fired in all directions. Although most of them were concentrated on Li Yalin's body, this thing was not accurate, and it still affected many buildings around it. Fortunately, there was no one nearby, otherwise the casualties would be great. Although the power of the golden energy bomb was good, it was ten thousand years too early to hurt Li Yalin. He dodged left and right continuously, and then the red sword in Li Yalin's hand flashed, which immediately cut an arm of the fantasy beast. But even so, the fantasy beast quickly recovered and extended several tentacles to Li Yalin. Opportunity! At the moment when the tentacle was about to hit Li Yalin, Li Yalin was on tiptoe, got up and stepped on the tentacle, and rushed straight along the tentacle toward the fantasy beast. Fantasy beast that huge head in front of Li Yalin, saying that this thing is really enough to see close to the stomach, I cut! Li Yalin's men showed no mercy at all, and a banana broke the huge head of the fantasy beast. Sure enough, we still have to break the core. Although cut off the head of the fantasy beast, but this guy's recovery speed is too fast, a fold can be restored as before,ultrasonic dispersing machine, it is simply a naked bug ah. But at that moment, a very strange sound came, yes, it was very strange, and it was not too much to call it noise. It's a treatment procedure! Li Yalin recognized the voice at the first time, and finally caught up with it. After a battle with Li Yalin, the height of the fantasy beast was already more than 30 meters, and the width and height were the same. It was simply a big round meat ball, plus countless tentacles on the meat ball. It was so bad that I didn't want to eat dinner. "Hello!"! Are you all right? The treatment procedure was played out smoothly,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and Mikoto Mitsuzaka ran over from the elevated highway, but she was very concerned about Li Yalin's safety, although she would never admit it. "Of course it's all right." At this time, the fantasy beast has completely lost its threat. The red sword in Li Yalin's hand flashed and cut off two huge tentacles in an instant. Sure enough, there was no regeneration! "If it's all right, that's the end of it!" Say, Mikoto Mitsuzaka's body sent out a strong current, blue and white lightning will be wrapped up the entire fantasy beast, until the end of the electric shock, the fantasy beast that light pink body has turned brown, but even under the high-voltage electric shock, but the fantasy beast is not so easy to destroy. "Don't be careless, it's a combination of ten thousand people's thoughts, how can it be so simple to be destroyed, find out the core of its body, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, only when the core is destroyed can it really be defeated!" Although there are more bruises on the body, but Kiyama Chunsheng is also rushed to the battle now have to say, artillery sister's attack is indeed very powerful, but Kiyama Chunsheng is to know, but in this case, there is no way to kill the fantasy beast. "Core?" Mikoto Mitsuzaka was stunned. Where is the core? "Leave it to me!" Li Yalin held the sword in his backhand and bent down, but his body suddenly disappeared in place. Tian Ba Duan Kong Lie Chop! Flash all over the sky, people can hardly open their eyes, what happened? Mikoto Mitsuzaka and Haruyo Kiyama looked at each other in amazement. Something incomprehensible happened to them. Just when the two women were surprised, Li Yalin's figure appeared again. "Finish the job." What? Get it done? What does that mean? Before Mikoto Mitsuzaka and Haruyo Kiyama could react, there was a sudden click not far away, and the body of the fantasy beast was separated? No, one or two, a few seconds later, the whole body of the fantasy beast was scattered and dismembered? …… Chapter 515 I'm really sorry this time! Chapter 515 I'm really sorry this time! Yes, just after Li Yalin's first shot, the inner core of the fantasy beast had been cut to pieces, and the monster that could destroy the whole Academy City was ended by Li Yalin on the spot. "No," Mikoto Mitsuzaka was stunned, he seemed to see only countless flashes, and then it was over? If it is their own on this kind of attack, then they can escape the past? "What is this ability?" Kiyama Chunsheng also looked dumbfounded at Li Yalin in front of her. As a researcher, she had seen thousands of abilities, but she had never seen such exaggerated abilities. Even if the strongest side of the Academy passed, I'm afraid she couldn't do this kind of thing in her breath. "It's the ability to strengthen the department, it's definitely the ability to strengthen the department!" Mikoto Mitsuzaka exclaimed, and she was right. "If it is really to strengthen the ability of the department, this is at least" Mu Shan Chunsheng looked at Li Yalin with a complicated face, is he the eighth level 5 hidden in the Academy City? “level5?” Hearing Kiyama Haruyo's comments, Mikoto Mitsuzaka was surprised at first, but then she was full of surprise. Since it was level5, she could take it for granted to fight with him. "Hey, you can not take care of yourself to guess, what is the ability to strengthen the department, what level5, but I am pure level0 incompetent, do you want me to show you the evaluation certificate?" One side of Li Yalin showed a rather helpless expression, you are too able to guess. “level0? Are you lying to the devil and trying to avoid fighting with me? Mitsuzaka Mikoto is very uncomfortable staring at Li Yalin, he is so do not want to get close to himself? Mikoto Osaka relies on fighting to improve her likability. "Believe it or not, my duel with you is over anyway." Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders, with an expression that you love to believe or not, which really made Mikoto Osaka angry. "Fortunately, but Kiyama Chunsheng, I now officially inform you that you have been arrested." When Li Yalin and Mikoto Mitsuzaka bicker, Aisui and Aisui came over, but in the face of Kiyama Chunsheng, Aisui still took out the handcuffs, after all, Kiyama is still a prisoner. "Huang Quanchuan teacher you are really vigorous and resolute ah," Li Yalin wry smile,ultrasonic molten metal, in this case, he can not directly take away Mu Shan Chunsheng, right?


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