"See, General Manager Jin stayed in the office with his girlfriend for so long, I said what would happen!" "The clothes must be wrinkled, so I had to put on General Manager Jin's clothes." "Yes, yes, and the hair is messy." "Wow, I didn't expect our General Manager Jin to be so awesome." "I'm envious of such a handsome man as General Manager Jin." A group of people, you talk to me one by one. In less than half a day, all the internal staff of the company knew that General Manager Jin had a girlfriend. One passes ten, ten passes a hundred, and the more it passes, the more it goes too far. In the end, it turns out that Jin Xicheng is playing with his girlfriend in the office. Innocent client Qi Nuan: You have to believe me, I really just slept. In kindergarten — — Hanbao's mood today is obviously completely different from usual. The last thing he used to like was going home. After returning home, he could not see his parents, ate alone,Stone Honeycomb Panel, and wrote a lot of calligraphy assigned by his father. But recently, my mother has become better. He wants to go home quickly and stick to his mother. Mother eats with him, plays games with him, hugs him, bathes him, tells him stories, and kisses him before going to bed. He really likes his mother. Before the school bell rang,Agate Slabs Countertops, the little fellow kept looking out with his head stretched out. Hanbao just went to kindergarten this year, and it was only a month or two. Jiao yuan went to deal with the opening of the school. Jin Xicheng was busy socializing at that time. As for Qi Nuan, she was busy hooking outside. Take a wild man 。 In the middle of the car, Jin Xicheng suddenly asked, "Where is my son's school?" This question baffled Qi Nuan. Qi Nuan coughed, "don't you know?" "You know?" The man retorted. Qi Nuan:.. All right, she doesn't know! But she just wore it, and these things are not written in the plot! Qi Nuan was very guilty and defended himself in a low voice, "I lost my memory, and I can't remember a lot of things!" But the original owner never cared about his son, and certainly did not know. Jin Xicheng glanced at her, Slate Wall Panel ,grey marble slab, "make a phone call and ask." Qi Nuan could only ask Aunt Fang, who was very surprised. "Madam, are you going to pick up the young master?" Qi Nuan gave a hum and glanced at the man beside him and said, "I'm with him in Xicheng. He's driving and it's not convenient to talk." Aunt Fang was even more shocked that her wife was with her husband? Aunt Fang said the address of Hanbao's kindergarten, and Qi Nuan entered the address into the navigation. Qi Nuan specifically told him, "I'll go to the old house with Xicheng for dinner at night, and I won't come back." Both of them came to school for the first time to pick up their children from school. Hanbao, carrying a small schoolbag, sat excitedly in his seat, waiting for Aunt Fang to come to school to pick him up. I want to go home quickly and see my mother quickly. Seeing that all the other children had been picked up, Hanbao was very envious. Why hasn't Grandma Fang come today? She's going to be late! The little fellow waited anxiously and kept craning his neck to look outside. Qi Nuan searched for a long time before he found the little guy's classroom. Seeing the little milk dumpling sitting upright, he called out excitedly, "Han Bao!" Hanbao heard his mother's voice, thinking that he missed his mother too much and had auditory hallucinations. Following the sound, Qi Nuan stood in the doorway with a brilliant smile and waved his little hand to him. Hanbao was so happy with the exploded fireworks that he stood up from his chair. Mom really came to pick him up from school! The first time the teacher saw Qi Nuan's strange face, he looked at the young girl curiously and asked politely, "Who are you coming to pick up?" "I came to pick up Jin Junhan." Qi Nuan looks too young to be a mother at all. The teacher asked hesitantly, "So you are." They have to confirm their identity here before they can agree to the adults to pick up the children. Otherwise, if something happens, they will also be responsible. I am Hanbao's mother. "He's my mother!" As soon as the teacher finished asking, Qi Nuan and the voice of the little milk dumpling came to mind almost at the same time. Han Bao ran over excitedly and hugged Qi Nuan. Leg The milky voice called out, "Mom!" Chapter 15 The children who come here to study are either rich or noble. It has been more than a month since the beginning of school, and I have never seen Jin Junhan's parents. The teacher looked up and down at Qi Nuan, very surprised, did not expect Jin Junhan's mother would be so young. Quickly covering up the look of surprise, the teacher smiled and said hello, and talked to Qi Nuan about the child's recent situation at school. Jin Junhan is a well-behaved child, completely different from other naughty boys. When Qi Nuan heard the teacher praise the milk dumplings, he looked as proud as if he had praised himself. After saying goodbye to the teacher, Qi Nuan took the little guy's hand and walked outside. Our Hanbao is really awesome. Hanbao was praised by his mother with a red face and a shy corner of his mouth. Qi Nuan wanted to laugh even more. The little guy blushed at every turn. Who did he follow? Is your schoolbag heavy? Would you like your mother to help you with it? "I can do it myself." The little fellow shook his head and held his mother's hand tightly. He prefers his mother to hold his hand. Jin Xicheng sat in the car and soon saw Qi Nuan leading his son out of the school gate. The mother and son did not know what to say, and one was happier than the other. He is a little puzzled, really do not understand what Qi Nuan is doing. In the past, she would not even look at the child, but now, the child has become very dependent on her. I hope she's really changed, not some kind of conspiracy. Qi Nuan opened the door and the little guy climbed into the car neatly. The innocent and brilliant smile on his face disappeared immediately after he saw his father. Jin Xicheng has a poker face all day, cold and fierce, others will be afraid to see three points. Hanbao is no exception. He loves and fears Jin Xicheng. Fear accounts for seven points. Usually,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, he doesn't even dare to talk to his father. In front of Jin Xicheng, Hanbao immediately sat down and called out cleverly, "Dad." 。


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