Although Wang Chunling is not strict and jealous, He Jiantang and He Jianjun brothers still take care of their families. Not to mention anything else, the big front door sent by He Jianguo was not a free gift, and he had not forgotten their home before the pheasant candy. As for Qi Shufang's calmness, there was a flash of appreciation in He Jiantang's eyes. He said, "Of course, it's not free to hand it over to the collective. The commune members in the production brigade have to record work points for picking up a bundle of firewood, not to mention the two wild boars you hit."? Don't you think so? He asked the cadres of other production brigades and production teams, and the latter nodded in unison. Captain He Jingdong said, "This is the right thing to do.". The state cannot forcibly occupy every needle and thread of the commune members, and the number of wild boars handed in by Comrade Qi Shufang should be recorded as many work points. Comrade Qi Shufang killed these two wild boars, which not only saved the lives of many commune members, but also eliminated the harm to the crops. It was a good deed and a great good deed. I have an idea. I don't know what you think? He Jianguo usually respected this captain very much, and he was also their cousin. "Please say something," he said. "Aren't there two wild boars here?" He Jingdong asked? We disposed of one and sent the meat to the non-staple food purchasing station, at least three hundred catties of meat, which is one of our contributions to the country this year. By the end of the year, we can pay one or two less pigs, and the income from selling wild boar meat will be attributed to the general account of the brigade. After another wild boar was disposed of, except for the part left by Comrade Qi Shufang himself, the rest belonged to the brigade, and then distributed to all members according to their heads. Of course, whoever divides the meat needs to keep accounts and settle accounts at the end of the year. Even if the money for this piece of meat has to be deducted at the end of the year, everyone will be happy to have meat to eat. No way, they are poor here,water filling machine, and materials are extremely scarce. They can eat a mouthful of meat during the Spring Festival all the year round. It is extremely difficult for people who do not have the ability to eat meat at ordinary times. The meat tickets in the city are not given to them, so they can not buy meat, and the poultry and eggs collected by the supply and marketing cooperatives are not sold to them. Okay, okay, let's do it, let's do it. "I didn't expect it to be so good this year. It's only a few days before the New Year, and I can eat meat again." "Agree, agree, we all agree,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, quickly give us meat, take home to the elderly and children to play tooth sacrifice.". A catty of meat 78 cents, ten catties 78 yuan, I earn dozens of work points a year, enough to buy a lot of meat! He Jingdong saw that everyone agreed and asked Qi Shufang what she meant. Qi Shufang knew in her heart that He Jingdong, the uncle, and He Jiantang, the eldest brother, would not suffer at all if they handled it in this way. Counting work points, that is, according to the price of wild boar, if you have work points, you will have food. If you sell the wild boar, you will have money in your hand, but if you don't have work points, you won't get food, and it's easy to fall into the hands of others. The loss outweighs the gain. What is the most important thing at this time? Meat, she is not short, PET bottle Mold ,juice filling machine, she is short of food, she wants to hoard a lot of food, want to eat fine grain every day, fine grain is flour, only wheat can be produced. She also wants to eat rice, but rice is included in the coarse grain, but the price is more expensive than flour. Hearing He Jingdong's question, Qi Shufang nodded and said, "Just listen to your uncle and eldest brother." The crowd immediately cheered. He Jianjun asks immediately: "Are you to calculate gross weight, still wait for tomorrow to deal with wild boar to calculate clean flesh?" Some of those cadres wanted her to calculate the gross weight, some wanted her to calculate the net weight, and those who wanted her to count the net weight must all be members of the He family, and they did not want their daughters-in-law to suffer losses. Qi Shufang grinned and said, "It's clean meat." She did not forget that the chatterbox salesman of the supply and marketing cooperative said that selling meat was actually more cost-effective. In front of everyone, she bent her fingers to do the math and said, "I also went to school, read books, and know how to do accounts. Even if these two wild boars weigh eight hundred catties, they are about the same as the price of pork. At most, they are 35 cents a catty. The total is only two hundred and eighty yuan, and the work points are only fourteen thousand.". If you count the meat as clean, it's different. Even if you pick out 70% of the meat, not counting the bones in the water, 70% of the meat is 560 catties. One catty is 75 cents, and you can get 420 yuan, which is enough for 21,000 work points. How many work points did this body have last year? Less than three thousand points. It was He Jiantang and He Jianjun who secretly took care of the sister-in-law whose husband was not at home and gave her higher work points. With these work points, a lot of grain can be distributed when grain is distributed, and a lot of money can be distributed when money is distributed. It is impossible for the production team to distribute grain to the commune members without restraint, and the extra work points will be converted into money. That is to say, by the end of the year, the money for selling wild boar meat will be deducted from their own food costs, and the rest will be in their own hands. He Jingdong raised his thumb and said, "No wonder that boy Jianguo insisted on marrying you. He's really a clever daughter-in-law who knows how to live.". You're not going to keep part of the meat? "Why don't you stay?" Asked Qi Shufang? I told the guys who helped me bring the boar back that I would invite them to eat meat. Anyway, I had to keep some of it, give some to each of them, give some to my brother and sister-in-law's family, let my father taste it, and then pickle some and send it to Jianguo. I just calculate an account first to prove that it is more cost-effective to pay the net meat. It was already dark, and there was no way to deal with it at night, so the wild boar was temporarily transported to the warehouse of the production brigade and guarded by people. Early the next morning, many strong laborers and women came to help. Many people have great strength, and soon two heads of pork were decomposed, head, hoof, bone, ribs, water and so on. Get rid of the inedible. Everything that can be eaten is here. He Jingdong and He Jiantang led people to weigh, and the accountant recorded that the wild boar intended to be handed over to the state had 321 catties of net meat. According to the price of meat, it was the same as pork, 76 cents and 61 catties, totaling 243 yuan and 96 cents. The reason for not recording work points is that work points should be calculated at the end of the year. Last year, work points were 20 cents, that is, two cents a work point. This year,CSD filling line, it may be more than three cents a work point, or it may be less than one point eight points. The net meat of another wild boar was 305 catties. Qi Shufang immediately decided to keep 100 catties and hand in 205 catties, totaling 155 yuan and 80 cents. She also kept accounts first and calculated work points at the end of the year.


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