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About Susie Ambrose



President of Susie Ambrose Designs


Susie founded a high- end, fine custom jewelry company in 1994.  Since creating her first ring in 1984, Susie has extensively studied design, gemology, and manufacturing techniques. Today people all over the world wear her pieces.


Susie holds a degree in Nutrition and Business. Susie has also served on the Parents’ Advisory Board for Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she was instrumental in implementing policy related to a parent’s right to accompany their child into surgery, alleviating stress on both parent and child and creating protocol that has spread nationwide. She is the author of a book, Mastering the Maze: Living with a Chronically Ill Child which will be updated and re-released soon.


Susie is a current member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and Americans for Safe Access, acting as an outspoken proponent for patients’ rights.


Susie first became interested in the healing potential of medical cannabis during the time that her father suffered from colon cancer. Rather than consuming Morphine, Susie’s father found that his emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing were drastically improved using medical marijuana during his final years. This led her to immerse herself in what is the medical marijuana industry.


Vice President of Vegamatrix and Kyle Kushman Brands


In 2011 Susie enrolled at Oaksterdam University to study organic and veganic cultivation methodologies. Through her affiliation with the university, Susie developed a relationship with Kyle Kushman, perhaps the most renowned medical marijuana cultivator in the United States. Since her experience at Oaksterdam University, Susie and Kyle have made it their mission to educate society about safe and sustainable means of cultivating medicine and have developed Vegamatrix, the first truly veganic nutrient line geared towards cultivating medical cannabis. Vegamatrix was awarded product of the year by High Times Magazine, September 2014 issue.


Most recently, Vegamatrix was featured in the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, San Jose Chronicle, CNN, High Times, the Wall St. Journal, Strange Medicine,, and countless other television and print media venues. This state of the art product was specifically created to cultivate better cannabis that is harmless to the environment and safer for people/patients.



Kyle Kushman Brands will feature goods and services utilized for the cultivation of high quality medicine. Susie and Kyle are hard at work developing products, creating strains, and producing educational materials so that top-notch cannabis will be available to everyone across the country when it is finally legal. 


 Susie is working to help insure that laws for legalized use of marijuana are passed, along with regulations requiring cannabis testing.  Until then, it is important to ask your dispensary or care giver or edible company if the cannabis used to make these products is grown Veganically and without chemicals, or pesticides.