"Mmm." Cheng Chi lifted his eyelids to look at the president and said concisely. The president felt guilty at his glance: "She also worked hard to take pictures for two days. I couldn't not show her any of them. I picked and picked. The pictures she took were either out of focus or there was a problem with the composition and exposure. Or she just shook them. This one was a little better. I didn't think your friend would mind." Cheng Chi's daily smile on the corners of his mouth disappeared: "I mind." The president smiled awkwardly and patted him on the upper arm: "I'm sorry, I'm not thoughtful. Anyway, this is a misunderstanding. The past is the past. We are a club. Don't hurt the harmony for this little thing." This day's activity is to go out to sweep the streets, the president has Cheng Chi and Zhou Tiantian in a group, of course, there is the meaning of matchmaking-he really has a good impression on this lively and lovely primary school girl, but people clearly like Cheng Chi, what he can do is to use his power to give her a convenience. Cheng Chi is usually far away from Zhou Tiantian, but today he walks beside her for the first time. Zhou Tiantian was flattered: "Cheng Chi, the photo of Sanshui..". I really didn't mean to. 。” "Well, the president just explained it to me." "Are we still friends?" Zhou Tiantian stopped and raised his face. Sunlight fell from the leaves of the plane tree, which swayed with the breeze, and the mottled shadows on her face swayed gently. Teenagers are slender and handsome, girls are petite and sweet, and they all look like an idol drama. You're mistaken. I never thought of you as a friend. This can have different explanations, although Cheng Chi tone cold,Oil Dropper Bottle, but Zhou Tiantian or kindle hope, her big eyes show ignorant confusion, slightly partial head: "Why ah?" "What kind of friends I make is my personal business, and I don't think it's necessary to explain to people I don't know well." He picked the words so clearly that Zhou Tiantian couldn't even pretend to be stupid: "I really didn't ask the president to put that picture. I can swear to God." "Yes, I know." Cheng Chi, with his camera in one hand and his pocket in the other,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, looked very leisurely and even smiled at her. Zhou Tiantian's intuition was wrong. You don't know what EXIF is, do you? Cheng Chi is mindless. Without waiting for Zhou Tiantian to answer, Cheng Chi turned to the president who was behind him and said, "President, please come here." "Zhou Tiantian doesn't know what EXIF is. Please explain it to her." The president was baffled, but patiently explained: "EXIF is an image format that records some parameters of photos, such as the model of the camera manufacturer, aperture, shutter, focal length, ISO and so on. I don't remember everything. If you are interested, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, I will look up the information on the Internet and send it to you." Zhou Tiantian's face is a little bad. Cheng Chi nodded and continued to ask the president: "Can you check the EXIF information?" "Of course, there is special software that can be downloaded directly from the Internet, which is available in the public computer of our society." "Thank you," Cheng Chi said with a smile, "you always keep busy." The president looked at Cheng Chi and Zhou Tiantian, showing a clear smile. He winked at Zhou Tiantian while Cheng Chi was not paying attention, and then ran to the distance, pretending to be taking pictures of an old house. Zhou Tiantian looked at the president's back and breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Cheng Chi was not going to tell anyone about her little actions. I checked the EXIF information of that photo, and I remember that I helped you set it to automatic mode that day, but the display information was shutter priority. Cheng Chi looked at her. Zhou Tiantian quibbles subconsciously: "I don't want to use SLR as a point-and-shoot camera. Can't I learn to use other modes?" Cheng Chi picked the chin: "Shutter priority shooting movement, normal.". Beginners have no idea about the shutter speed, which is normal. But I wonder why the other photos are 1/125 seconds, only this one is 1/320 seconds? Zhou Tiantian stammered and was speechless. Because you deliberately took all the other photos, leaving a relatively clear one, of course, the president will choose this one, I guess you also deleted a lot of normal clarity photos, "Cheng Chi looked at her," Zhou Tiantian, you spent so much thought to answer Su Miao, tired? " Zhou Tiantian did not speak, looking at a spot of light on the tip of the shoe. "And the post in the post bar." Cheng Chi went on. Zhou Tiantian suddenly raised his head: "I didn't send it!"! There were a lot of people with cameras that day. I did one thing wrong, but you can't pour all the dirty water on me! "I know the original post is not you," Cheng Chi calmly looked at her, "I also know which ID you are, what content you have returned, and I also know who transferred the posts of Hengyu Campus Network and No.2 Middle School Post Bar." Zhou Tiantian looked at his face and wondered whether he really knew or was cheating himself. Cheng Chi pulled the corners of his mouth, pulled his hand out of his pocket, raised his index finger and gently leaned on his lips. Zhou Tiantian's face was discolored and cold sweat broke out on his back. Now she has no time to care whether Cheng Chixi likes her or not. If he tells these things, she will not be able to be a person in No.1 Middle School. No one is more stupid than anyone else, "Cheng Chi finally said." She doesn't care about you because she's kind. Don't push your luck. I'm not as easy to talk to as she is. " Then he walked quickly forward with his long legs, leaving her far behind. When the president saw Cheng Chi passing by alone, he looked back in wonder and saw Zhou Tiantian standing alone in place, with his shoulders collapsed and his head hanging down, apparently sad. He sighed and hurried over. "What's wrong with you, Tian Tian?" He asked with concern. Zhou Tiantian raised his head and looked at him with a smile. His eyes were red and tears slowly overflowed: "I'm all right." The president quickly took out a napkin from his pocket and hurriedly pulled one out and handed it over: "Don't cry, don't cry. What did Cheng Chi say to you?" Zhou Tiantian took the paper towel,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, his mouth shriveled, his hands covered his eyes and he began to cry. His small shoulders shrugged: "Senior.." Am I bad.. The president was so anxious that he did not know what to do: "Don't talk nonsense, you are obviously very good!" Then why didn't he want me. Don't like me? I must not be good enough. 。


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